Unique Places To Eat In The Southwest – part 1

Unique Places To Eat In The Southwest – part 1

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Everywhere has it’s fair share of great restaurants, you just need to research which ones to go to. Today I’m going to be starting the first in the series of Unique places to eat. I will be talking about the South West as I’m actually from this location and have had the chance to try out and eat at many of the best resteraunts in the region. I really enjoy going out for a meal, there’s always something special even if you go out often!

So what places am I going to be looking at today, well, your going to have to read on to find out!

Le Champignon Sauvage 

If your looking for great food, look no further, David Everitt-Matthias head chef of Le Champignon Savage has an imagination that he can bring to your plate. This restaurant has some fantastic food and an atmosphere that isn’t formal enough to cause you to feel uncomfortable.

Dishes like Sweetbreads, dandelion, Cinderford Lamb and Rabbit are absolutely delicious, the chef and his small team clearly have some great talent. The deserts are also mouthwateringly beautiful, they a spiced cream and thai green curry sorbet that is both strange but delicious, it  is a favourite among the regulars.

The interior of the building is also very cosy,  it’s not showy but is actually lovely.


Yeotown Health Farm


This may seem like a bit of a strange one to mention, but it does say unique places to eat! Yeotown isn’t a restaurant, it’s a health spa / Yoga camp. They offer detox retreats and various other healthy options where you can stay, exercise and eat. It is the latter of these things that is the most interesting.

The food is prepared by what Yeotown calls their “food mavens” these are people that love food. The mavens must be serious foodies because they use fresh organic vegetables grown locally in Devon and they also use herbs grown in the Yeotown garden. They have some of the cleanest tasting and fresh fish I have tasted, and I very much recommend you try it if you’re ever in need of a swift detox.

The great thing about Yeotown food is that you don’t have to feel guilty whilst eating it, it’s honest healthy and full of nutrients. You’ll be coming back just for the food!


Restaurant Nathan outlaw

If your looking to have the Celebrity Chef experience and you’ve not visited a famous chef’s resteraunt, Restaurant Nathan Outlaw is the place for you. Nathan Outlaw has made many TV appearances and has even featured on Rick Steins program. His restaurant currently holds 2 Michelin stars and I whole heartedly recommend having a visit.

Found in the lovely Cornish town of rock, restaurant Nathan Outlaw also doubles as a hotel, the interiour is very contemporary and highly spacious, and is very comfortable.

The food itself is out of this world, of course as you can imagine, the restaurant specialises in fish and seafood, and why wouldn’t it being so close to the cornish coast. They offer only 1 taster menu to their diners, and it’s very much worthwhile checking out.

The great thing about this restaurant is that the prices are very good, especially when you are paying for a Michelin star meal. I would definitely suggest going here if you have the chance, magnificent food at magnificent prices.

So there you have it, 3 great places to eat when you visit the SouthWest, of course there are more, and I will be updating you with a part two of the southwest area shortly. If you do choose to take my advice, I hope you have a great meal.


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