Choosing The Best Milkshake Maker For You

Choosing The Best Milkshake Maker For You

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Milkshakes are a popular dairy based drink that have been around since the 19th century. Early milkshakes were in fact alcoholic drinks, but overtime they became popular at malt shops, soda fountains, and other American restaurant staples. Milkshakes are now one of the most popular dessert drinks in the United States, with millions of milkshakes made each year and thousands of unique recipes and flavors to choose from.

Milkshakes can be made in a variety of ways, at home or in restaurant settings. Casual diners, fast food or full restaurants that offer milkshakes on their menu may use industrial blenders or industrial milkshake machines to create the drink for their customer, depending on the number of flavors offered and the popularity of the drink at their restaurant. An industrial milkshake machine is filled with frozen milkshake mixture, typically a blend of milk, flavorings and a thickening agent. Most industrial milkshake machines offer a few standard flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. An industrial blender can be used to make a much wider variety of milkshakes, which are not premade but typically made from ice cream, syrups and other flavorings. Some restaurants, such as Dairy Queen, use soft serve ice cream in their milkshakes, while others use a harder ice cream for a thicker drinking texture.

Like restaurant milkshakes, there are several different milkshakes machines for home use. There are many milkshake makers on the market today, in a variety of quality and price ranges.

The two most popular styles of milkshake makers are drink blenders and spindle drink mixers. A drink blender can typically serve as a general blender, and usually features settings that are helpful for those making drinks—ice crushing, pulsing, and mixing. A spindle drink mixer is the most popular way of mixing together a milkshake, because the mixing spindle creates a more frothy and thick texture than a drink blender. A drink blender consists of blending blades, a drink holder, and a top. A spindle drink mixer uses a spindle to mix, and an open cup , usually stainless steel, to be hooked under the spindle for mixing.

Milkshake Makers: Picking The One For You

Should you buy a drink blender or a spindle drink mixer? How much should you pay? The trick to picking that perfect milkshake maker is knowing what you want out of your machine!

blender milkshake maker

Are you hoping to use your milkshake maker frequently, or is it something you’ll only bring out during the holidays or at the occasional fun dinner party? If you aren’t going to use the milkshake maker throughout the year, you may want to look at lower end models which are serviceable, can create great shakes, and meant to withstand light use.

There are many low/mid quality drink blenders and spindle mixers that cost around £29.00-$69.00. They are typically not as sturdy as a high level blender or mixer, and may not be as high quality, but they are perfectly capable of making the occasional milkshake treat. Higher quality mixers may cost anywhere from £159.99 to over £400.99. However, a higher price does not necessarily mean higher quality—be sure to check out reviews and specs of any machine before purchasing. It may be wiser to buy a slightly more expensive model with excellent reviews, than something that is dirt cheap and will break after using it once.

What type of drinks would you like to create using your milkshake maker? Spindle drink mixers work best with milkshakes, malts, and other frothy drinks, but are not the best at crushing or blending thick items, such as pieces of fruit, entirely down. Traditional drink blenders can be used to crush and blend drinks and bigger items to a much more smooth texture. Drink blenders may also double as a blender for other food items, such as salsa and purees.

Noise. No matter how high quality a blender machine is, it will make at least some amount of noise while in use. As a general rule of thumb, spindle drink mixers are much quieter than the typical blender. If the noise level of a machine is a factor for your purchase—whether you live in an apartment with thin walls or simply can’t tolerate loud noise—you may want to consider trying a spindle drink mixer for your milkshakes.

Let’s look at three of the most popular milkshake makers and drink blenders currently sold on, one of the largest online retailers in the country.

The Duronic DM300 Classic Drink/Milkshake Mixer

This item has a retail price of £29.99.

Power: The Duronic DM300 Classic Drink Mixer has a 100W, 2 speed motor drink mixer. It is a spindle style drink mixture, which is deal for frothy, creamy milkshakes, malted milk drinks, smoothies, ice coffee and other mixed drinks. It comes with a stainless steel 500ml cup.

The Breville Antony Worrall Thompson VBL030 Intelligent Blender

This item retails for £62.99.

This large jug drink blender uses a 800 watt motor with multiple speeds and settings for all of your blending needs. Because of the high power on this blender, it can be used for many purposes, and not just the creation of milkshakes. The blender’s special “intelligent” function has eight pre-set functions which are programmed blending times and settings based on what type of item you are wishing to make: for example, the “smoothie” option begins with pulsing and crushing to crush down ice and bigger fruit items, and then blends at the optimum speed and length to make a smooth smoothie drink.

Waring PDM104U Drinks Maker (Available in Chilli Red, Retro Green and Ebony Black)

This item retails for £199.00. This is a commercially designed spindle mixer for fast and creamy milkshakes, fruit drinks and cocktail mixed drinks. The high quality spindle mixer can also be used to whip cream, eggs and batter to a professional standard. The powerful heavy duty motor has two speeds, and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Bonus tip: If you are purchasing these items from, many of them come with free shipping!

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