Interesting Foods At Health Farms

Interesting Foods At Health Farms

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Health farms provide visitors with wonderful opportunities to restore their health and get in shape. Most of these retreats offer massage, spa services, meditation, yoga, and customized diets according to medical needs. What many people do not realize, though, is that there are some of the most interesting foods at these health farms. Now, may people are not interested in “interesting” food, but the truth is, some of the healthiest foods are grown right there on and near the health farms.

Free Range

Check the website for the health retreat you are considering. In many cases, you will find that they offer free range eggs and poultry. When a landowner converts their facility to a health retreat, or a new facility is built in an area, local farmer respond accordingly. Many of them will start growing produce and livestock specifically for the health facilities. This is a great way to find free range products whether you are lodging at the spa or live in the area.

The benefits of free range harvesting is that the animals live in nature, free of cages and the often filthy, abusive atmosphere of commercial farms. The chickens roam the farmland and meadows, eating grains the farmer feeds them and lay eggs as they would naturally to be harvested on a regular basis.

Organic Foods

To be legally organic, foods must be free from genetic modifications and from chemicals. Many seeds these days are genetically modified to make the plant more vigorous and resistant to disease. Unfortunately, this is a concern for many people who want to avoid exposure to the chemicals necessary to achieve this. The GMO also affect reproductive rates of the plants, and animals treated or dosed with GMO feed are considered tainted.

Besides GMOs, there are issues with the many growth hormones and antibiotics fed to animals to increase yield. These hormones and drugs are, of course, passed on to the consumer, literally, when the meat is eaten.

Organic foods are raised without chemicals. In fact, the fields bordering an organic field cannot be treated within a certain time period of the organic crop harvest. This insures that the produce and meats harvested are pure and free of chemicals.

Freshness is almost guaranteed in these situations, as the crops are often harvested by local farmers on a daily basis for sale to the health spa.

Local Foods

In the UK, many of the health farms are located near the coast. This means that you ca expect fresh seafood in most venues. Local fishermen often have standing orders with the health retreat, and fill daily demand with their fresh catch. The menu at the retreat will reflect the catch of the day, giving you the opportunity to try local delicacies that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.


Many health retreats hire chefs to plan and prepare the menu. These will be designed to fit various diets, and provide new dishes for you to try. You can even get the recipes in many cases.

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