How Many Calories Are There In Wine And How Do You Count It?

How Many Calories Are There In Wine And How Do You Count It?

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

If you are an avid lover of wine, then you might not mind having a glass or two every day. Knocking back a glass or two everyday is not a bad thing, especially seeing as how drinking different types of wine has been linked to a large number of health benefits quoted by many reputable sources. What people need to know however, especially those who are diet conscious, is how many calories are there in wine and how can you make sure of it.

Now answering this question is not easy, so I am going to attempt to give a basic one that I feel will work for everyone. In order to know how many calories there are in wine you will need to pay careful attention to what type of wine you are drinking. The type of wine you are drinking plays a large role, because certain wines are made to be low calorie while other cheaper brands usually carry more.
I do not mean to put the inexpensive brands down, but there is a strong chance that if you are purchasing a five quid bottle of wine in a box at the local grocery store, it probably contains more calories per serving then a £100 bottle. The more expensive brands usually do not have anything added to them that would increase the calorie count. These types of wines will not be as sweet as some of the less expense brands.

There are also different types of wines, independent of prices, which are known to have more calories. A good example would be the caloric difference between white wine and red wine. White wines have been known to have lower calories counts per serving then red wine does. However, the caloric difference is so marginal that I doubt people will let this persuade which one they will consume.
The best way for you to count calories in different types of wine is to make sure you always use a glass that fits with the per serving amounts on the back of the bottle. In some cases it will be four ounces, and in other cases it will be five or six ounces. As long as you do not go over this amount it is easy to keep track of how many calories you are consuming in wine.

Calories in White Wine, Red Wine and Beer

If you want to consume more wine without having to worry too much about calories, then avoid cheaper brands that have been sweetened. Particular brands such as Welch’s make inexpensive box wines that have a lot of sugar added, so the calories per serving will be more.
I recommend not worrying too much about the calories in wine, because the health benefits far make up for it. You will consume far more calories by drinking other types of alcoholic drinks then wine. A pint of beer for instance is known to have far more calories than a 4 ounce glass of wine.

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