How Ceramic Planters Are Great For Produce In The Garden

How Ceramic Planters Are Great For Produce In The Garden

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Growing your own produce is a big step, but there’s nothing like fresh produce. The first step to gorwing is choosing the right containers for it. I personally love ceramic planters, they do their job and also make the garden look great.

Ceramic planters can be a beautiful addition to any garden. You do not have to line your patio or deck with ceramic pots, but you can incorporate them artistically to add interest both visually and botanically.

Visual Appeal of Ceramic Planters


Ceramic planters are just pretty. You can buy glazed pots with artistic glaze treatments, or unglazed pots for a rustic look. But, no matter what you choose, there are ceramic pots that will fit into your decorating style.

One of the benefits of adding ceramic planters to your garden is the use of colour. You can compliment or contrast background and foreground plantings with a carefully chosen ceramic planter. For example, a 3 foot tall delphinium blue urn placed in the middle of a planting bed of yellow narcissus is beautiful, with just the right compliment of colors. Spots of colour attract the eye to various parts of the garden, creating a beacon for the visitor.


The size of your ceramic planters can also play a role in crafting your garden. Forced perspective is the art of making a space seem like a different size or shape than it really is, and you can accomplish this with the right sized pots.

If you have a very deep garden, and wish it did not seem to be so spread out, place an oversized urn at the furthest point. Plant a large-leafed plant in the urn, and include under-plantings that are large, as well. Near your vantage point, such as the patio, have similar urns that are smaller, with smaller plants. The whole area will appear to be closer simply by forcing the perspective.

You may have a shallow garden, and wish to create a sense of depth or mystery. Reverse the procedure above, and place undersized ceramic pots with attractive, detailed plants in them, at the furthest point of the garden. With larger version near the vantage point, it will make the garden appear to be deeper. It is a matter of scale, and you can create a false scale through the use of ceramic planters.

Focal Points

Well placed ceramic planters can create beautiful focal points in your garden. While you may want to view your garden as a natural whole, giving the eyes a resting place is critical to visual appeal. An undulating flowerbed with carefully selected plantings of different heights will attract the eye, but if there is a “centerpiece” plant in a lovely ceramic pot, it completes the look.

Many people shy away from the use of pots in their garden because they do not want to add clutter to the spaces. This can be avoided with judicial and purposeful use and placement of the ceramic pots. Use one pot as an accent piece, and put a specimen plant in it for added emphasis. Or, have a small grouping in one area of the garden. Your choice of ceramic planters will add variety and visual interest, serving as the “jewelry” to compliment the evening dress.

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