Buying The Best Foreign Produce

Buying The Best Foreign Produce

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

One major component to making the best possible dish is the ingredients that you use. If your looking to make a masterpiece, where are the best places to get your ingredients? It all very much depends on where you reside, If you live by the sea, you’ll be looking at getting fresh fish and seafood from your nearest market or fishmongers. If you live inland, you might not be as lucky. But what if you want produce that just isn’t available naturally from your home country? Then you’ll be looking to order from foreign lands of course. So what options do you have available to you that will ¬†secure you the best?

First off, your local supermarkets. You’re not going to find that much fresh produce at a supermarket I’m afraid, but there are some things that the supermarket holds that will save you some time (and some import fees) the obvious things like spices and teas are all brought to our store shelves without a hitch, picking these items up is easy. But what about fish? Did you know that “Supermarket fresh” fish can be over two weeks old? You’re not going to be getting the best, that’s for sure. A fishmonger will be much more ideal when it comes to getting a better product. You may also find that it’s more expensive, but you’re paying for quality and for freshness.

Online megastores also offer produce from foreign countries. Amazon online, offer the Amazon international food store¬†, a place where you can order many products from many different countries. The only hitch with the international food store is that most of the produce available is dried food or snacks / sauces. Your not exactly getting the best, but it does give you some interesting options, you get to taste interesting snacks from around the world that aren’t available in the UK. Another online shop, that provides fresh food is EuropafoodXB, They have a wide selection of snacks, fresh meat, fish and more. You can even get bakery goods such as croissants and pain au chocolat. If your feeling incredibly daring, you could also hop onto the different foreign variants of Google. For instance, you want fish only available in France? Go to the french google ( and search “poissons frais en ligne”. You will be rewarded with dedicated french websites offering great produce. You may need a little help with the translation, but there are many options available out there, such as google translate or Babelfish.

The other option, and I would say is the best way to get the food as fresh as possible, is to actually go to the country where the food comes from and buy it from there. Probably the most expensive option, but at least you get it as fresh as can be!

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